Push & Pull


Push and Pull (2015) was the 3D re-imagining of the the 2D side-scroller Push and Pull (2014).  Pitched to the lead faculty of the Arts & Technology program at UT Dallas, Push and Pull was selected as the sole game to be accepted into the prestigious Game Production Lab course.  Push and Pull (2015) was created by a team of over 30 students being lead by Michael Stewart and Dean Soeder.

The goal of the game is to help a team of science experiments escape their laboratory prison with the powers to push and pull objects and the player character.  The focus of the game is to show how simple concepts can be used in extraordinary ways to solve challenging puzzles and rescue friends in need.

I was the one of the Producers for the game. I helped lead and manage a team of 30 students during production. My role consisted of delegating tasks to the concept art, character, animation, environment art/modeling, and cinematic department; along with managing the overall production pipeline.

logoTo play the beta version of the game, follow the link below!!!